Yard of Ale Glass with Stand, 3 pints (1.4L or 48 oz)

Yard of Ale Glass with Stand, 3 pints (1.4L or 48 oz)
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This is a huge sale, we've never offered these exceptional yards of ale so cheap before! As a result, we are sold out of the Honey Pine stands and we are down to our last Yard Chestnut stand & glass. Each yard glass is hand crafted and handblown of high quality, pure, crystal-clear glass, and absolutely the finest yard glasses we have ever seen. Standing tall at about 32-36". When you hold this in your hand, you feel the weight, and you know it is a solid full yard of ale glass - unlike paper-thin yards of ale imitations from Asia. Our yards of ale glasses hold roughly 3 pints of ale when filled to about 1 1/2 inches below the rim - as a proper yard glass should. When filled to the rim, it holds about 56 oz. Because they are handcrafted, imperfections in the glass are minimal, however, being hand-made, you may find slight variations - some small air bubbles or minor imperfections. These are not regarded as faults and actually contribute to the unique character of a handmade product.

The wood stand is handmade in the USA. It perfectly compliments the glass and is intended for use as a stationary stand, not designed to hold the glass stable when drinking. Please note that because they are handmade and of natural wood, there will be some imperfections. Imperfections occur from nature, as in wood sometimes has knots and notches along the edges, and some imperfections are human created which occur when handmaking the product, as in there may be small areas where the stand needs a stain touch up. These small differences and imperfections are not considered faults and will give each and every stand its own unique character.