Customer Letters

Just received the two glasses today, and they are beautiful! I don't see the scratch/dent (referring to a Scratch & Dent order) on the Bavarian Crest weissbier glass, but I'm glad you guys did! :-) I think my beer is going to taste much better now … V. 5/24/02

This is Carol & Russ, & we just wanted to tell you that the horns are simply beautiful, & they look great on our mantel. ~ They arrived on Tuesday, & we are more then satisfied with them. ~ Thank you very much, & it was a pleasure doing buisness with you. 10/30/02

Hi Steven, the glass arrived and it's PERFECT, thanx! - DBB 11/2/02

Just wanted to thank you for the beer glasses!! The engraving came out perfect and they made for the perfect unique Bday present. I was very happy with the service and the product and I will be ordering with you again soon. Sincerely, Kirstin 11/3/02

Thank you for all your help and patience. I will be ordering more products from you in the future and I am very happy with the service you have provided for me. Thank you once again and take care, Frank 7/19/02

thanks for the email, i did receive the krugs, they are great! thank you again for your help. patrick 9/16/02

The Stein arrived safely today - and looks excellent, but it's a shame that my typing mistake has been permanently etched in a gift! I look forward to hearing from you soon, Rob. 11/2/02

You guys rock! 11/12/02

I've received the glasses and am very pleased. I'll be sure to recommend you to any friends in need of beer glasses. Your products and service are excellent. Paul 11/20/02

Thank you for straightening out my order. Hopefully, Fed-Ex will get it right this time. :) Thank you for being prompt with your replies, especially to the customer service rep. Rachel. Michelle 12/17/02

Thank you very much! I received the glasses yesterday and my husband was very pleased!!!Thanks again! Rachel 12/22/02

Hi, I just got the glasses and they are great. Nice glasses, good service, and the coasters were a nice touch. You'll hear from me again. Doug 1/9/03

Hey this might not be the proper channel, but I got my order today, the day I wanted to get it, and I wanted to thank you guys for the exceptional service you provided regarding my order. Especially when ya'll called me at home to ask about the out of stock beer stein. Alot of companies would have just let my order sit there until either the out of stock came in or I called and started asking questions. Thanks again, I intend to order more from ya'll in the future. Sincerely, Daniel 1/17/03

The beer glasses arrived today. They are fantastic - thanks very much. Mistine. 2/26/03

Thank-you for your prompt reply. I look forward to receiving my Guinness glasses on Friday. Thank-you again for your help. Sincerely, Nate 6/4/03

I just wanted to compliment you. I ordered on Wednesday and your order arrived today (Saturday). The glasses are great, packed nicely and they came fast! Congratulations on a beautiful job. I will be ordering again. Thanks, Kevin 6/21/03, The mug arrived yesterday, July 3rd, and I would just like to compliment you on your exquisite craftsmanship. I think it turned out fantastic, as it certainly surpassed all of my expectations. My good friend, who the mug was for, was absolutely stunned (in a good way) and couldn't say enough nice things about it. Other people at the party were constantly asking me where I got the mug made, and I told them I also told them what wonderful service you guys provide. I am very graterful for your flexibility and cooperation as it was a great pleasure doing business with you. And thank you for the free coasters. I thank you again for your good-natured attitude toward running your great business. If anybody ever asks me for a good gift idea, I know what to tell them. Thank you again and I hope to do business with you again in the future. Mr. Abbott 7/4/03

Just wanted to briefly follow-up, letting you know the steins were awesome. Great product--Thanks! Kurt 7/23/03

The steins arrived, and I couldn't be more pleased. They're outstanding. Thanks again- kcl 7/23/03

Stephen- We recently moved to this California area, from Washington state. It's hotter than blazes here, and we drink about 5 times as much liquids-- just to stay hydrated. We spent a full day in the nearest town (Sonora) and couldn't find a single glass that would hold over 22oz, hitting every store in town. ~~ Your steins will be a Godsend, as we can tank one up with ice water and not have to refill every 20 minutes. My maiden voyage the other night required 3 and a half Coors longnecks-- just to see if the steins really held 40 ounces.... ha. No problem. ~~ Take care- Kurt 7/24/03


Rachel, I received the glasses this weekend and everthing looks great. Thanks for your help. Jason 8/11/03

Recieved my order today, thanks for quick shipping ! Goblet is very impressive ! Can't wait to fill it with some good beer ! Tymn 9/25/03

Hi Steve, I received the glasses on Moday and they look great. Thanks for your help pulling this off so quickly. Lisa 10/1/03

Hello, I received the steins last week and they are great! They are going pretty quick, how much would it cost to do 75 more..? Thanks Aaron - 10/19/03

It only took a day to get them and they look great, and great prices too. I will definitely order more from you in the future. Thank you, Alex - 10/22/03

We just received the beer glasses. They look great. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Regards, Tanya - 11/24/03

Thank you for sending me a status of my shipment, it arrived early and in one piece. I enjoyed doing business with you and if I ever need another mug, I know where to go! Thank you. Christine - 12/18/03

I just wanted to thank you guys for all your help. I got the tankard and its great. The engravement was beautiful. I cant wait to give it to JEff for Xmas. Have a great hoilday and a wonderful New years. THanks again. Melissa - 12/20/03

Goblets arrived safe and sound yesterday. Thank You very much. Some friends and I will be breaking them in tonight with a few bottles of Chimay. John - 3/5/04

I received my order and everything looks great ... Your service has been exceptional. Thanks, Rob - 3/12/04

got my 4 nonic glasses today - they're beautiful & in mint condition (very well packaged). thanks for the great service! -Al - 3/16/04

I just got the glasses and am very pleased with the speed and accuracy of the delivery and the high quality of the products. Thank you very much and I look forward to doing business with you again. I'll make sure to check your site regularly. James - 4/25/04

I received the mugs yesterday and although they have not yet been taken out for a test run, I am very satisfied already! They look very good, and they will have their moment of fame soon!

Thanks again for the outstanding service, you guys really do put the customer first. Etienne - 5/26/04

Steve, I received the two yard glasses today and they look great! Thanks for the fast delivery and personal phone call to make sure everything was right. Thanks again, Randy - 6/19/04

Thank you for the fast delievery of the 3/4 yard of ale. I was unable to receive this item from a catalog order and I called you in a panic. My item was at my door in 48 hours. Thank you so much. I can now rest easy and my coworker will be very pleased with his farwell present. Thanks again, Kirsten - 6/19/04

I appreciate your refunding my card so quickly, and I will definitely do business with your company again. The new glass is great! Thanks again for your help and excellent customer service experience. Sincerely, Karl - 6/24/04

Hi Y'all - Thanks for the koelsh glasses. They arrrived in time for Father's Day and he can't decide if he likes his beer or your glasses more. Anyway - they make a beautiful pair! Thanks for the greeat service! Nancy - 6/28/04

Just wanted to let you know that the glasses came in time as I had hoped to present as part of a Basket of German Beer retirement gift. The mugs were a huge hit with the honoree and I gave a plug for great selection and service to the 50 or so guests in attendance. Thanks so much for helping me out, -- carolyn - 8/29/04

Hi, I ordered from you last year for an Oktoberfest party I threw. The engraved glasses were a huge hit, so we're doing it again! Thanks, and looking forward to some great glasses this year ... Chris - 9/2/2004

Hi Steven, I wanted to let you know my shipment arrived safely (and very carefully packed). I'm impressed with your products and would like to buy more. Rachael said that you could probably offer me a discount for another large order, and I wanted to see how this would work. Best regards, David -10/28/04

I want to thank you for the custom engraved work you did, and for taking the time to work with me to achieve an attractive result that had the components I wanted. The final product was very nice, and made an enjoyable award for someone who did outstanding work. I presented the award with a Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter -- it was a great moment! You should have seen their faces, the recipient couldn't quit grinning. This was so much better than a plaque. Beer Glass Hopper, long may you run! Cheers! Carrie -11/08/04

Steven: I received the glasses and they look great. Thank you, Ken -11/18/04

Thanks Steven, what a nice surprise. I'll put the packaged stein on the front step when you let me know. I appreciate the great service. Jim -11/20/04

I was very surprised - and pleased - that they arrived so quickly! They are very nice glasses, and my wife and I have broken them in with some fine home brew. The other thing about them that impressed me was just how heavy these glasses are; that's a good thing, because my wife tends to crack the lighter glasses when washing them. I plan on taking one of these to my next home brew meeting. Anyone interested I'll make sure they have your contact info. Again thanks! Tim -12/03/04

Steven, The glasses are great. Thanks for the quick service. Best Regards, Sam -12/06/04

Sorry for just now getting to you on this but thanks for the work on the growlers! Everyone's extremely happy with them and can't wait to debut them (I'm hoping they get off their butts and put them in circulation before Christmas). Anyway, just wanted to share my appreciation for your assistance. I'm sure we'll be ordering again in the (hopefully near) future so I'll be in touch. Trevor [Natty Greene¹s Pub & Brewing Co.] -12/08/04

Glasses received all in good condition. Thanks for great service and great product! Visual Works -12/15/04

Incredible! I just received my order, 2 days after it was shipped! Also, thanks very much to your customer service staff who quickly responded to my inquiry and took my order when I was unsure that it had been processed through your website. Haven't open up the glasses yet as they are a present (and gift-wrapped), but I am sure that they are fine and will be enjoyed immensely! Brad -12/16/04

Steven, All of the packages arrived in great shape. The glasses and steins are beautiful, and the tap system is totally cool. I'm going to load it with a double magnum of Corsendonk Christmas ale for a family gathering on Sunday. PS--I'll probably order more steins tomorrow or Saturday, but I'm in no rush to get them before the holidays. Best wishes, David -12/16/04

Thank you for handling my purchase in a timely and professional manner. You might be surprised that this type of service is very rare this year on online purchases. Thank you very much. I hope that you have a wonderful Holiday season. John -12/19/04

The two mugs arrived yesterday and I am VERY pleased with them. My husband is delighted and took one to work with him this morning.... It is quite hard to find a really big mug....a number of his friends envied his 36 oz.... I will happily tell them where I found these and recommend you highly. Happy New Year, Pauline -12/29/04

Thank you! I didn't get to see the glasses for myself until just a few days ago and they are WONDERFUL! My boyfriend was thrilled with his gift. Thanks for your help and excellent service! I'm sure I'll be in touch for future orders. Kind regards, Courtney -1/5/05

I orderd 2 40oz. beer steins for my boyfriend for Christmas. I ordered them on the 17, thinking they would not get here in time by using the FedEX ground. I put in the incorrect zip code and within day someone called me to verify and they were shipped. By Decemeber 23, they were wrapped and under the tree! The products are high quality and we love them! I attribute this experience to the high level of customer service this company values. I happily serve all my drinks on the coasters they sent and when people ask about the company I rave about it and give them the web address. Thank you so much for everything!! Stacy -1/6/05

Received my order today. Thanks for getting them here in time and the quality looks wonderful. Have a good day! Lloyd -2/9/05

Hello Steven, Just a quick note to let you know the glasses arrived safe and sound. They look great! Exactly as I had hoped they would look. Our homebrews will definitely taste much better out of these. Keep the design on file we might be ordering some more in the future. Thanks Larry [9-ball Brewery] -2/16/05

I just wanted to let you know that I received the glasses this afternoon and they look amazing. Thank you so much for getting them out so quickly. I am heading out to give one to my boyfriend now, and it came just in time for his birthday. I really appreciate the effort you put in to get them out when you did. I am so pleased with the result. Thanks again so so much. I feel like this is my birthday instead of his! ~Karen -4/13/05

Beer Glass Hoppers: Just a note of thanks for your products. The order arrived in excellent condition. Rest assured, myself, friends, and family will be putting the glasses through a beer drinking torture test! Also I will be letting everyone know of! Thanks again, Al -5/11/05

Thanks for the follow-up. The 2 Yards arrived and look great--can't wait for the headache that follows! You do good business; I'll use you again a recommmend to my friends. Good luck with the relocation. Wes -7/13/05

Steven, Thank you so much for the excellent job with the growlers; great service and great product! Everyone in the club who has gotten one loves it. Our beerfest is Sept 9th & 10th. You are welcome to come set up a booth and sell glassware. Check it out at p:// Daryn, Pres Escambia Bay Homebrewers 7/25/05

Steven, The glasses were so nice, pictures on the web don't do them justice. The mom of the groom loved them and the centerpieces came out great! thanks, Sophia -9/7/05

Your package with the beautiful glassware for the competition arrived during the meeting and was received with thanks from the membership. Liz, Music City Brewers 9/18/05

I just received my Oktoberfest krugs on Friday. I'd been searching for months trying to find some to purchase until I found I just wanted you to know how THRILLED I am with them! Ordering was so easy, and your prices are great. I really appreciated how you informed me via email of every step before and after shipping. I was also impressed when I opened the box after it was delivered. The obvious attention to detail you gave to wrapping each krug individually and packaging them so securely just shows how much you care about your customers' satisfaction. I will definitely be buying more of them from your web site, and I plan on telling my friends and family all about you, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Anne, Oakland, CA. - 10/9/05

Today received the pilsners with the etched barley & hops. They are really gorgeous, will make a wonderful Christmas present for my new brother-in-law. Thanks so much for offering such a extraordinary array of glasses, quick shipping, and careful packing! Arvella, Georgetown, TX 12/11/2005

I recently ordered 2 Hacker Pschorr wheat glasses and I just wanted to say you "guys" are AWESOME! I received it FAST and in perfect condition. I will definitely be buying more items from your company in the future, thanks so much. You ROCK!!! Metro 12/22/2005

We recieved the glasses today and they are wonderful! I especially like the Herrnbrau Pils and will order some more. Are there any other styles that are similar to this that you would like to recommend? Then I can order all at once. I love the thin glass of the Herrnbrau Pils, and the gold really does add that touch of elegance. :-) Anything you think we might like, please suggest. Thank you for your time, LeAnn 1/31/2006

Thank you. I appreciate the great customer service! I will definitley shop with you in the future and recommend you to friends. Regards, Amy 2/13/2006

Hey Steve: OH YEAH! that is just what I wanted. I already have a few people scratching their heads on how to drink from it. Thanks again for finding it for me! Eric, "If your going to drink , beer make it yourself and drink it from the right glass." 2/14/2006

We got the mugs, they're fantastic! Everyone loves them and sends a final round of thanks. Best, Henry 2/24/2006

I did receive the order yesterday. The glasses are beautiful! Thanks so much. Craig 3/1/2006

Delivery confirmed. Thanks very much. The glasses are beautiful! BD 3/2/2006

Just received my order for two beer glasses, and they look fabulous! Can't wait to use them with my favorite beverage. Unfortunately, it's only 2 p.m. Happy hour can't get here soon enough. Thanks for the prompt service and I look forward to doing more business with you very soon. Tony 3/8/2006

Thanks for the email. I love your website and all of the glasses!! 3/13/2006

Received my glasses--all in great condition--will be better tomorrow when they are filled with Guinness!

Thanks so much for the personal follow-up--I will talk up your business with my friends. (and your coasters are cute, too.) Thanks again. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Karyn 3/16/2006

I appreciate the help Steve...drink well! Mike 3/26/2006

I MUST say that I am VERY impressed with your follow up. You are a man of your word and you didn't let me slip through the cracks. I WILL do more business with you in the future. Thank you for your email. Sincerely, Bill 4/14/2006

I got the horn in the mail last week and I'm honestly blown away. I knew they were beautiful, but I never dreamed I'd be getting anything like this. I almost didn't want to give it away! Thank you so very much for choosing one to fit the color style I'd asked for, he was floored. He'll be the only man there with a 20 oz drinking horn!! I'm definitely going to recommend to everyone that comments on the horn. Beautiful! Thank You! Layne 5/10/2006

Thought I'd send you some proof of satisfied customers. (Great Picture attached)... This was a few weeks ago in OBX, the first time we were all together with respective mugs. Enjoy. Regards, Henry 6/14/2006

THank you Steven. Hopefully next year our trophy mug will have a different name on it (hopefully my team's)....B.J. 8/29/2006

steve- they looked great. thanks for everything and hopefully they'll sell fast...gabe 9/11/2006

Awesome !!! thank you !!! Trey 9/27/2006

Just wanted to state what a pleasure it was doing business with you. You processed my order within a day and shipped very quickly. I also appreciated your sending me a tracking number immediately. The glassware arrived safely and is as beautiful as it was in the advertisement. You are truly a top-notch company that provides a quality product and respectable service. Thanks again! ~Andrew 10/6/2006

Thank you so much, I will order one from his website in the near future. I will remember your website in the future though if I ever need any other beer supplies. Have a great day! Kim - 10/29/2006

Yes, I received the shipment today and it was, in fact, a Chimay glass. I sent an email earlier today about the error. Thank you so much for your attention to the order, I really appreciate it and look forward to receiving the Guinness glasses. Thanks, Sue // 12/4/2006

YOU ARE THE MAN! We've gone through more than 60 in the last five days so we're down to our final 60. We have an ad running the paper the next two weeks about great gift ideas --- including growlers --- so I was paranoid that we'd run out and not have any. Thank you so much and thanks for letting me know! Trevor (for Natty Greene's Pub & Breweing Co.) // 12/9/2006

Hello, Just wanted to send out a sincere appreciation for my order (reference #4685) that received this past Saturday. Everything arrived in perfect shape and I want to say thank you for the "BEERGLASSHOPPER" pint glass. I am a first time customer and you provided wonderful service. I will be back ASAP for beer stein purchases as I am starting to collect them. I brewed a batch of my Apricot Wheat beer Sunday as I drank out of my new Krug. Thanks so much again for your service. I'll be back as will my friends!! Cheers, Chad // 1/10/2007

Cheers - i ve recieved my glasses in excellent condition thx again, stu // 1/11/2007

Hello - I received the beer glasses I ordered and I just want to say thanks for shipping them carefully. I was worried they might arrive broken. Thanks!!! Victor G. // 1/18/2007

Steve, Thank you very much. I really appreciate this and am very impressed with your service. Best regards, John // 1/19/2007

Steve - Thanks for the prompt, Saturday response. I had a feeling that would be the answer. Germans know the head isn't a bad thing! John // 1/28/2007

I got my boot today, it is wonderful! Thank you so much! You are right, the Paulaner (especially the weisse) and the Augustiner are great beers. I ate in one of the Augustiner restaurants on Christmas eve, probably one of the best experiences ever! Thanks again, it was great doing business with you! Felicia // 2/28/2007

...Thanks for doing the good work. I was really just shopping to replace one weissbier glass that I broke, but you kept me at you site long enough to realize there were other things I couldn't live without. I mainly drink Guiness and for shame I would drink it out of any glass or the bottle. Things will be different now. Bud // 3/13/2007

I received the glasses in perfect condition, Thanks Robert. // 3/19/2007

Thank you for going the extra mile and sending the Belgian beer goblets to our APO address even though that is not your usual policy. See the attached photo of the me enjoying one of my Belgian beers on my birthday. We will recommend your business to our homebrew friends around the world. Thanks again, LTC Mike // 3/20/2007

From an old Fort Davis and Fort Clayton veteran and a current SOUTHCOM guy-thanks and see you on the high ground! Mike // 3/21/2007

Good Morning, Steve, Great, thanks! Paul (Blind Bat Brewery) // 3/30/2007

as usual our order came timely and without any breakage. I know I hate those packing peanuts but they must work. Have a great summer and if we need more glasses, we will send another order. Thank you...Sheryl at Big Jack's Cigars.... // 4/2/2007

Thanks, the glasses look great. I'll send you a check early this week, you should get it before May 4th. Cheers, Paul // 4/23/2007 The Blind Bat Brewery

I just wanted to say thank you for your great service. Both of my beer mug orders arrived in great shape and the fast shipping that you provided was greatly appreciated. The liter krugs bring back fond memories of the five October fests that I attended in my younger days. Both the liter krug and the half liter mug show case my home brew to perfection. Once again, thank you and I will be sure to tell my friends about your great products and service. Sincerely, Bob // 5/15/2007

Dear Steve, Thank you for your concern. As a consumer, it is comforting to know that attention is paid to each order to ensure the customers satisfaction. As of today, may 21st, I have placed an order online. Thanks again for your concern and I hope to do more business in the future. Cheers, Alex // 5/21/2007

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for everything. I've been tracking the shipping, and it should be here today. You guys do great business, and I apprecite everything. Take care.. ~Larry // 5/23/2007

Thanks Steve! Joe // 5/23/2007

This is a letter of appreciation for you in regards to my winning ebay item. I am very happy with my purchase. I have left you Positive feedback and hope you will do the same for me. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and hope to see you again in the future!!! Thank you...Tracey // 5/24/2007

Thanks Steve. Appreciate the response. Adam // 6/4/2007

thanks for keeping me updated with the glasses. i did give him the glasses yesterday for fathers day and he drank a Pilsner Urquell beer out of each glass and said the beer was even better! so i guess your saying is correct! i am going to foward him the new glass to take a look at and i will be in touch. thanks so much you run a nice business. Gina // 6/28/2007

Mr. Steve. Just wanted to let you know that I received the shipment today and I'm very pleased. Awesome product. Thanks. Have a good day. Bryan // 7/6/2007

Thank you very much for the personalized response and care. I was actually looking at these for a birthday present for myself, but you'll be happy to know my sister already ordered them yesterday- including this one. Can't wait to get them (and drink out of them, of course). Thanks again, Matt // 7/12/2007

Thank you for the fast shipping! I have a cold beer waiting for this glass :) critter506 // 7/18/2007

received your shipment today, you sent wonderful items and they are greatly appreciated, we have decided to order from you and will be getting with you in a couple of weeks with the logo and colors. Again thank you for your support for our competition. cindy (richmond worthogs) // 8/7/2007

Received my order -- thank you very much, looking forward to ordering from you again. Next time will use your web site. Gary // 8/19/2007

Dear Rachel, Yes, the glasses arrived yesterday, they are exactly what I wanted. Thanks for your prompt response to my email and thanks for the great service. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends. Bob // 8/26/2007

Steve, this email demonstrates an awesome customer relationship and I appreciate this very much. While I already placed a similar order with another company, I certainly will shop with you in the future. Ilya // 9/3/2007

thank you for your HONESTY. I will be placing an order I am looking for turtle stuff for are game room. thanks ellie // 9/7/2007

Thank You Rachel. and thank you for having the drinkware I was looking for. Mark // 9/11/2007

Thanks, thanks, thanks....Tracey (QP Semiconductor) // 10/5/2007

Thanks - we will get the check out right away. The mugs look fantastic - thanks again. Scott (IBM) // 10/11/2007

Thanks Steve! Put in a small order but look forward to buying more glassware from you in the future, you have a nice variety of what I am looking for and some of the best prices I had found after looking online for about 45 minutes. Cheers! Bernadette // 10/13/2007

Got them and they look fantastic... thank you so much for getting this order to us in time. Tracey (QP Semiconductor) // 10/16/2007

The mugs were very well received by our guests, many compliments were paid. Again, thanks for the good job. I look forward to talking with you next year regarding the stoneware mugs. Scott (IBM) // 10/16/2007

They got here today. Thanks Steve! Mike // 10/17/2007

Thank you so much - that is extremely helpful. I hate buying new glasses and have them shatter in the dishwasher !!! Dana // 10/28/2007

Our beer mugs arrived today and we're very pleased,They got here sooner than expected and in great shape. We looked at 5 department stores and couldnt find these mugs, Thanks for the great service and we'll be sure to tell our freinds about ~Mike and Jean // 11/15/2007

Fantastic! And the club loved the glasses. Paul (Richmond Worthogs) // 11/27/2007

Steve, I just wanted to say that I got the glassware the other day. Shipping was fast and everything is all in one piece. The glassware is awesome! Thanks again, Jake // 7 Dec 2007

I just wanted to say thank you! Have a good holiday! Melissa // 24 Dec 07

Thanks Steve. I am looking forward to it. Great products! Ben // 26 Dec 07

Thanks so much Steve,we did receive all of the glasses on time and he loved that gift the most! Thanks again and Happy Holidays! Dena // 28 Dec 07

Just wanted to let you know that we received our shipment of glasses today. They arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much! Diane and Stewart // 9 Jan 08

Thank you so much for remembering to let me know about this. You really are phenomenal with your customer service! I went ahead a placed an order for 7 of the Episcopal glasses and a couple of other things. (I ordered the beerglasshopper glass for me because I love the logo!). Have a good weekend. Sincerely, Diane // 17 Feb 09

I just received the glasses today and they are great! Thank you for responding back to me! That shows great customer service for your company! Bummer UCLA did lose, but since I'm a Buckeyes fan and we won some sort of a Championship finally, it really didn't matter all that much to me :) With that being said, my next purchase will be some Ohio State glasses....soon! Again, thank you for such great service. I will definitely be ordering w/ BeerGlasshopper again! Kind regards, Staci // 10 Apr 08

That’s perfect! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly -Jason // 4 Jun 08

Thank you so much for the great job that you did for us – we are so pleased with the results. You were a pleasure to work with as well and are on the top of our list for repeat business if the opportunity arises again. Thanks again for your help with our event. Warmest regards, Linda A // 24 Jun 08

Thank you very much, I appreciate your very quick reconciliation of this. I really liked your products so I'm sure this won't be the last you'll hear from me. take care, Kevin // 22 Aug 08

Thanks, they look Great. David, Bastone Brewery // 19 Sep 08

Thanks for getting this order to us early. Our event is next Saturday. The mugs are outstanding. The only problem now is how to out-do these next year ;) Our group is very happy with them. I haven't gone thru every box yet, but so far I haven't detected any damage or rattling in the shipment, which is great. thanks, Scott // 27 Sep 08

Received my order today. My order was packed well, with plenty of insulating material. Both mugs arrived unbroken. Thanks for your service. Steven M. // 2 oct 08

Thanks, Rachel, Jim R. // 8 Oct 08

Thank you! Suzanne // 8 Dec 08

Just recieved a replacement glass for one that was damaged in my original shipment. The process to return was easy and the replacement came quickly. NO hassle. Thanks you made it very easy, Mike A. // 8 Jan 09

Stunningly beautiful glasses. Thank you! Glenn S. // 24 Jan 09

Just received my glasses and I'm highly satisfied. The right price for the right glass for the right beer. I'll shop again and recommend you highly. Thanks. -Leigh D. // 9 Apr 09

Awesome! Thanks! Ken G. // 11 Apr 09

Thank you! Katherine K. // 10 Jun 09


Thank you Robert C. // 2 Sep 09

I just received my order. Everything was correct AND unbroken. Thank you! Steven M. // 3 Sep 09

The mugs arrived today, they look terrific! No breakage detected. Thanks, as always, for getting this done! I really appreciate getting them early. Scott L. // 9 Sep 09

Thanks for the confirmation. Matthias O. // 9 Sep 09

I received the shot glasses last Thursday. I loved them so much. Thank you. Magaly G. // 2 Nov 09

Thanks so much. Got the glass today. Its great, very hard one to find in the US. Matt P. // 4 Nov 09

And that's another reason I buy from you guys, because of the customer service! Keep up the good work. I'll be very interested to hear what the boot makers say. Thanks again. Craig // 24 Mar 10

The glasses are awesome! Thank you so much. I will refer you to anyone that needs your services, it was great dealing with you. Stephanie // 07 Jun 10

Steve - thanks again for your help. The mugs looked fantastic and were a big hit with our guests. Many people said they thought these were the best yet. much appreciated, Scott // 04 Oct 10

awesome, many thanks. Fritz // 06 Dec 10

Just received my Kilkenny beer glasses. The great care you spent in packing them shows you are a 1st class outfit. They obviously arrived in perfect condition. Thank you. Carlton // 01 Feb 11

My steins arrived today and they are beautiful. Thank you, Jon // 29 Apr 11

Thank you!! Katherine // 05 Sep 11

I recieved my box/package today and everything in perfect order. Beautiful glasses and I Thank you!! Don // 01 Oct 11

I just wanted to say a big thanks for providing some great deals on glassware! I am basically just starting a glassware collection and found beerglasshopper on-line. I was really impressed with the collection offered. I am very excited to receive my recently placed order. Ben // 01 Dec 11

Thanks! Happy Holidays, Jim // 08 Dec 11

We got the glasses yesterday, they are perfect!!!! Thank you soooo much for working with me and letting us squeeze in although your not taking new customers, we really appreciate it. Kris // 16 May 12

Thanks so much!!! :-) Leanne // 30 Nov 12

The mugs arrived today and they appear to be in great shapes. They look tremendous, the decal and colors are phenomenal. Thanks! Scott // 12 Sep 13

Thank you for the quick turnaround! Leslie // 16 Mar 14

LOVE the glasses! They just came today!!!! Thank you. Kelly // 22 May 14

Thanks, Steve, for getting right back to me. Dan // 28 May 14

Thank you! Matt // 06 Apr 15

Perfect thank you! David // 01 May 15

My husband loved the glasses. He liked both options... Thanks so much for your service! Good customer service is rare these days. You went above and beyond and I am grateful! Thanks again. I will definitely order products from you again and let everyone I know about you. Have a good rest of your week. All the best, Angie // 24 Jun 15